Dom (bateleur) wrote,

Hello, World

If you're wondering where my journal has gone: don't worry, I haven't deleted it!

All old entries which were previously public have now been friend locked. In the unlikely event that there was anyone who regularly read my LJ who I haven't already friended, drop me an email and if I know who you are I'll add you.

Whilst LJ is no longer any use to me for keeping in touch with people - which is what I mainly used it for - I still like it as a platform and may repurpose this LJ for something slightly different in future.

For anyone who's not already aware, my games-related stuff now gets posted mostly to my G+ and personal stuff to FaceBook (although not much of it). Work stuff goes on Twitter. This doesn't imply endorsement of any of these platforms - they're all inadequate in various ways - but they're where other people choose to pay attention, so that's where things end up.

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