Dom (bateleur) wrote,

The Coberac

There came unto the hollow a warrior mage, a mercenary treasure-seeker of some renown. In his right hand was a two-bladed axe woven with spells of death and swiftness. In his left hand was an orb of power, wreathed in secret energies. Keen were his eyes and quick was his breath as he sought his prize.

Then the trees that stood about him turned. One had the face of a dead man and told him his doom. One was a mask of white clay and froze him where he stood. The third breathed a wind of unmaking and his armour fell from him, his axe haft became a leafy branch and his fine clothes became tangles of matted fleece. The fourth and final head turned and its curved beak pecked at the shell of the world. The truth itself cracked and split and air became water, up was down and night and day were one.

A villager found the body of the warrior next day in a river two dozen miles away. It was said he had eaten his own eyes and in place of his heart was a ball of iron within which was a ball of lead. All knew then that he had faced the Coberac, so the body was not buried lest it curse the earth, but was taken from the river lest it poison the water. Four strong men cast it into the marsh and that warrior was not spoken of again for fear that he might come to the sound of his name.


The Coberac is an extremely ancient being which has survived since the Mythic Epoch. This is partly due to the fact that it has no need to interact with the world of mortals in any way and spends its time in remote regions, hidden from sight. Additionally, the Coberac can ascend The Stairway and return as it chooses, which means it will simply leave the world for a while if threatened or injured.

The Coberac is often found mostly submerged in a fen or swamp and is easily mistaken for some kind of strange plant when viewed from a distance. Its heads will turn to face anyone who approaches and only if it finds it necessary will it heave the bulk of its body from the ground and make the effort to walk.

Nothing is known about the secrets wielded by the Coberac, but its sorcerous strength is such that it is feared by even the strongest immortals. The lords of Glandorfin themselves knew of it and warned their champions against facing it, no matter the rewards.

Despite its fearsome strength it is not impossible that a traveller might encounter the Coberac and live. Although it is capable of great evil it regards most living things as irrelevant to its concerns. Whilst even coming close to the beast is likely to snare the unwary in its swirling enchantments, it is by no means impossible to escape since the Coberac will almost certainly see no reason to prevent this.

As for why the fearless might seek the Coberac, no price can be placed on the most ancient of secrets. And who can say what treasures might have sunk into the mire around its lair?

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