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For the first time in an hour they climbed clear of the cloud. It was icy cold and everything around them blazed with bright sunshine. Then one of the mule keepers shouted and pointed skyward. Where they had expected to see the summit, the mountain continued upward. Instead of coming to a peak it broadened again. Then higher still it curved outwards. At first they thought a vast rock had been balanced on the peak at some whim of the gods. But then as they looked to the North and South they saw other peaks descending from the sky which did not meet at all with the ground.

The expedition came to a halt for a time, so overcome with awe at this marvel that they were at a loss for what to do. Then one of the guides spoke, saying that she had heard tales that Aeros was not a fortress but an entire land with its own kings and customs and people, but that she had not credited them.

It did not seem possible that any people could live there. Would not they and all their buildings, their livestock and the very soil itself fall at once? Unable to turn back in the face of such a marvel they climbed on. It seemed best to climb as high as they could then call out, to see if they might attract the attention of one of the people of this strange land. But then quite suddenly the lead climber lost his grip and flew upwards into the sky. He slid up the slope until in an instant the rope was tight and the weight of the three fellows pulled him to a halt against the rock.

They left the mules and the camp packs there with three of the party and climbed with great care across the unseen divide. So they came to Aeros, the mountains of this strange land below their feet and their own mules and tents high above them, surrounded by cloud.


Although Aeros is a populated land, it is for the most part only very sparsely so. Whilst its mountain ranges often mirror those of the Earth above, other features of the land do not match and much of Aeros is covered by water.

The entirety of Aeros is nominally ruled by the elemental lord Suradijn, who is king of the winds. However, in practice he does not govern any of its towns. For the most part each is independent and there are seldom wars since most are separated by many days of rocky wilderness or wide stretches of ocean.

A number of different languages are spoken on Aeros, most of which are dialects of the speech used in the nearby lands below.

Although the bridges to Aeros seem physical in nature, this appearance is quite misleading. Aeros is not truly in the sky. It is a place which was once joined to the world countless millennia ago and has since pulled away, remaining connected in only a few places. This process also resulted in the creation of the fault realms.

Whilst there are few reasons for merchants or diplomats to seek travel to Aeros, it is of great potential interest to scholars as there is the potential for otherwise lost knowledge to be preserved there. Likewise it is quite possible that treasures from centuries ago remain hidden there.

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