Dom (bateleur) wrote,

Merechus Sphere Prison

“I will never tell you.” Sirvi lowered her head. They might execute her. Perhaps that was why they had led her here, so far from the hall.

“We know this,” the Merechus overseer motioned for the chains to be unlocked. “You are to be imprisoned. This incarceration may be indefinite, since even if your heart changes we will not hear your pleas from outside the sphere.”

The great velvet cloth was pulled back and Sirvi could at last see what was suspended from the chains. It was a greasy metal sphere as large as one of the parliamentary carriages. A hatch stood open on one face and the Merechus soldiers, their pikes at her back, made her climb inside. It took an effort of will then, not to reveal where the seventh cache was hidden. The hatch swung closed and she found herself in darkness.

With the passage of time, Sirvi began to wonder how they would feed her and bring water. She was fearful for a time that they would not and that she would die here. It was many hours before she realised that in this place she felt no thirst and no hunger. She slept for a while, then upon awaking forgot for a moment where she was and moved in the darkness. Instead of sloping walls close around her on every side, she found herself in a cavern of considerable size. Beyond, down a tunnel, a strange, pale light shone from circular holes in the roof.

A week later, Sirvi had lost all track of time, wandered through countless tunnels and become lost. Despair at her captivity had been replaced by a desperate panic that she might live forever in this nothingness.


Constructed by Tie Merechus during the worst years of the fighting within Monde, the sphere prison is designed to be capable of containing images, demons and sorcerors without risk that they will be able to employ their secrets to escape.

In practice the prison was very seldom put to use, since with any being sufficiently powerful to be worth imprisoning there, the problem of how to get them into the sphere in the first place is far from straightforward.

From the point of view of a being trapped inside, the prison has no boundaries. The space inside seems to be an endless network of tunnels and spherical caves embedded within some boundless mass of rock. The tunnels are not a maze, so correct navigation is no means of escape. Nor does freedom lie beyond any of the walls, so being able to break them is no use. An ability to open doorways to very distant places might be sufficient to escape, depending on the secret used to do so.

The prison is easily opened from the outside, so in order to secure a prisoner within it with any degree of confidence it is necessary to lock away the sphere itself or to guard it. Tie Merechus typically did both.

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