Dom (bateleur) wrote,

The Pool of Godah

In the mythic epoch there came a traveller to the court of a great king. He bowed low and asked what might be done, for chaos and madness swept the land and towns and fortresses alike would surely be unable to stand against it.

The king did not know the answer, but he was wise and so he called from the deep woods the greatest sorceress of his realm and bid her tell him what might be done. She sensed the approach of the chaos and knew its strength outmatched her. So she went to her tower and called upon a spirit of ancient power.

The spirit looked upon the chaos and it saw a potency drawn from a deep and incandescent source that it could not stand against. It knew this mortal kingdom would be ended by it. Yet the spirit itself feared the chaos and so it sought aid. It sent a message to the most exalted realm it knew of, the Pool of Godah.

At the Pool of Godah there gathered beings whose breath moves the very stars, whose words are the making and unmaking of things and compared to whose strength the fire and the mountains are as shadows on a paper screen. They looked upon the chaos and they saw its nature. A force like any other, it was a part of the ebb and flow of history. The destruction sown in its terrible wake was nothing to them.

So it was that no aid came to that land and all was consumed by the chaos.


Just as mortals have their schemes and their politics, their great powers and their wise leaders, so too do higher realms. The Pool of Godah is a gathering of impossibly ancient, wise beings of immense power. It is said that they do not concern themselves with such matters as good and evil. Their purpose in meeting one another is to identify threats of such magnitude as could imperil their own existence and to take appropriate action to counter them.

The philosophy of the pool is that the true danger lies in unaligned forms. Almost all of the power within the many worlds connected by the stairway is part of an immense interconnected web of alliances, rivalries and hostilities. No matter how this structure shifts it maintains a dynamic equilibrium of sorts. An unaligned form is a power that lies outside this web. Often newly manifested, these unaligned forms must be quickly tamed or destroyed lest they develop a greater potency less easily subdued or spread their influence too widely to counter.

It is beyond the power of any mortal to contact the Pool of Godah directly. Even if it were somehow made possible, none of the beings there would listen.

Should word somehow be sent to the Pool, their deliberations will likely be swift. Most matters are immediately discarded as beneath their concern, but if an unaligned form is brought to their attention they command many servants of fearsome powers who can be dispatched to take whatever action may be needed.

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