Dom (bateleur) wrote,

Council Wisdom

Matters were escalating once more and along one edge of the market a gathering of people began to form. These were not soldiers or watchmen, but they had among their ranks more than their fair share of burly workmen and rangy youths who knew the streets around the market. They’d said nothing as yet and done nothing, but the message was clear: laws or not, there were debts to be paid.

These new traders weren’t fools and they soon saw there was to be a reckoning. Their head woman walked along the line calling for their leader to step forth and talk, to see if some deal couldn’t be reached. A few shouted back that it was coin not deals they wanted to see. There was not enough appetite for trouble, though, not with the watch so close by. So the head woman was taken from the market and up a winding stair to a high balcony. When she asked where she was going, she was told the council would see her. She asked what council, but received no reply.

Onto the balcony their walked a being in fine clothes. This being had no head and in the space where one ought to have been, four tiny people sat watching her. Each nodded a greeting to her and she was asked why she would not pay the market toll. For a long moment she was silent. Then, hoping it was not too late, she changed her mind and elected to pay it.


The Images take the forms of things around them. This is not usually by way of disguise. As sand shows the footprints of those who have passed, so the Images reflect their surroundings. For the most part this mimicry serves to smooth their passage through the mortal world, but occasionally the opposite occurs and some borrowing of form is more alarming than reassuring to those who recognise it. So it is with Council Wisdom, a respected figure within Monde whose head takes the form of a broad disc upon which stands a tiny, circular table, four chairs and four small beings each human in all but size.

Council Wisdom is somewhere between a community leader, an oracle and a general. They hold no formal executive office, but those who need to speak to them are identified and led secretly to them. Council Wisdom’s aid can also be purchased for the right price, although that price is seldom measured in coin.

Council Wisdom is not a sorceror. The power they wield is mostly passive in nature, existing in the space around them and following them when they move.

First, Council Wisdom cannot be harmed. If the disc, the table, or any other part of their head is attacked then the four beings will vacate the table, disappearing through doors in the air. If necessary to avoid the threat, they will even do this before the threat becomes apparent. If the body is attacked it may be slain, but the four figures atop it will again simply depart. Then on some future occasion a new body will jump down from the moon, the figures seated around its head exactly as before.

Second, Council Wisdom can manipulate the interconnections of different places in a manner similar to the geometers of the Lossanbrant. This is again not sorcery, but if Council Wisdom needs to be somewhere seemingly far away then the journey there will turn out to be short and convenient, involving perhaps a few stairs and a short walk along a pillared cloister.

Finally, Council Wisdom has a great depth of knowledge about many things in the world. They know anything known to any of the Images in Monde, even if that thing has only just been learned.

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