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As the people fled they saw the great bulk of the beast as it moved through the South village. It tore the rooves from the cottages and tumbled their walls as it rumbled and slithered forward. Such was its speed that they thought it would overrun them before they reached the trap, but it halted for a while at the smithy, hammering and tearing at the forge until a column of fiery smoke lit the evening air.

The trap was made ready and the riders positioned themselves. The behemoth lurched once again into motion and made haste along the riverbank. The mill was smashed into spinning planks. A dog barked furiously. Then, just a short way before the trap the beast halted once more. This time it was seemingly doing nothing, but when it moved again it skirted the trap in a great circle. A few brave riders taunted it, trying to lure it, but somehow it knew.

Dispirited and frightened, those who still watched hurried away into the dusk lest the doom catch them. All was lost that day and they did not wish to add their lives to the tally.


Jeknalamanen is a legendary monster the size of a large ship. Only its long, tentacular limbs emerge from the pockmarked mass of its stonelike outer shell. Its name means “the animal that is older than the gods” in the language of the Lethleinein, whose stories tell of it.

At all times Jeknalamanen emits a low reverberating sound. The Lethleinein say it is singing the song of the world around it for the benefit of its own past self. In this way, it learns of all possible futures. It is therefore able to avoid harm simply by hearing of what will happen before it unfolds.

In order to sustain itself, Jeknalamanen relies on absorbing energy from the world. Its preference is to feed on forest fires, volcanoes and other sources of intense heat, but such things are seldom found and so most of the time it feeds on other living beings. It is a formidable force of destruction and no mortal habitation has ever survived its coming.

Although Jeknalamanen cannot communicate it wields a secret which permits it to comprehend any language, spoken or written. Its awareness extends for over a mile around its location and it can hear and see all, even in darkness.

If it becomes aware of plots against it the monster’s first reaction is to flee to safety. However, it will then begin to plan the destruction of all involved, using its knowledge of the future to ensure success.

Although Jeknalamanen typically moves across the land like a vast snail, propelled by its tentacles, it is capable of effortless flight should it so choose. It does not do this unless needed, since doing so consumes precious energy.

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