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The storm had passed, but a weary silence hung over the expedition. The delays would mean an extra two days of travel, which might become three if the river was too swollen to ford. This combined with the packs lost meant that food would be very short for the rest of the journey, maybe dangerously so. Nobody wanted to talk about leaving part of the cargo, perhaps killing and eating one of the horses, but it would probably come to that. Then there would be no profit and all they had been through would be for nothing.

Once they saw the valley they despaired. More than simply swelling the river, the rains had submerged so much of the valley that the trail was gone. They could not descend at all and would have to continue along the hillside, perhaps adding a fourth extra day. They stopped for a moment, knowing that the time had come to make hard choices.

A blade was out, prayers were spoken, then a voice called for them to stop. Along the top of the ridge, a line of grey figures were walking towards the expedition. They were as thin as reeds, dressed like kings and came bearing warmed wines, flatbreads and smoked meats.

That night the expedition were housed by the dusk folk. At sunrise they traded, lightening their burdens considerably. Then they set out once more with glad hearts. With the rare treasures they now carried, the expedition might yet prove to be richly rewarded.


The Lethleinein are an ancient race who are said to be the distant descendants of the people of Glandorfin. They have had dealing with humans since as far back as records exist, and are generally peaceful by nature. Lethleinein do not build cities, with their largest settlements being only a few hundred houses. They prefer locations with good resources, but as isolated as possible apart from that. For this reason, they have a reputation for being mysterious and secretive.

Many of the secrets known to humans they learned first from the Lethleinein. They love to accumulate and store knowledge, useful and otherwise. However, although many Lethleinein have learned human languages no human has ever learned to either speak or read the Lethleinein native tongue. Their beautiful curled script is very distinctive and their calligraphic brushes are much prized, in part because they seldom trade them.

The Lethleinein are in a state of permanent hostility with the Gozmorran for reasons neither is keen to discuss, rooted in long ago crimes. Consequently Lethleinein are wary of caves and underground areas in general.

Physically the Lethleinein are slightly shorter and of much lighter build than humans. They value clothing highly and are often beautifully dressed. Even the poorest are meticulous about their appearance.

Lethleinein are most active at sunrise and sunset, a habit for which they are called “dusk folk” by some rural communities. They do not seem to mind this monicker and occasionally adopt it themselves in dealings with humans.

Many Lethleinein follow a religion which believes that all beings with the power of speech are descended from the gods and are consequently deserving of reverence and respect.

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