Dom (bateleur) wrote,

Oyishu Han Taig

They say there is a man who can walk in your dreams. He has a mirror, through which he can reach into the future and pluck the fruits that grow there. He knows the hidden roads to any place and can walk there only slowly and arrive sooner than the fastest horse. He carries keys which can open your mind and into it he will place neatly folded thoughts and you will think them your own. This man can become a dog and when he does he looks out through the eyes of other dogs and sees you.

They say there is a man who can walk in your dreams. He died once and will not do so again. He carries a coin made from silver and brass which can pay for anything he wants on the earth or in the heavens. He has a flask of golden liquid which was poured from the beak of a fire serpent in the deep desert. Anyone who drinks from it can never be cold. He sees the patterns written in the stars and in the leaves. He keeps his soul in his pocket, as hard as stone and as red as blood.

They say there is a man who can walk in your dreams. If you meet him, turn away, for the secrets he shares with you will destroy you.


Oyishu Han Taig was for almost two centuries the master of the Wraithweb Palace. He is one of the very few mortals every to have obtained immortality without it being granted to them by a higher being.

As a mortal child he was an orphan and by good fortune became apprentice to the royal scribe of Gobal Palace. He was paid only in board and lodging, but the work afforded him the opportunity to become literate at a young age and to read many scrolls and tomes which would normally be forbidden even to princes. When the scribe died, Oyishu Han Taig left Llaewar and travelled West across the sea. On his journey he met a man who had been attacked by robbers and left to die. He carried the man to Eyestone Hill, where he was an elder of some importance. For this act of kindness he was rewarded by the Ruvach with a glimpse into the Eyestone, which showed him the path to an extraordinary future.

Oyishu Han Taig devoted himself to the study of the secrets, first learning moon sorcery from the images before travelling South to the Lossanbrant to study alchemy. Finally he made the journey to the elemental kingdom of Aeros, where he studied the secret of winds under the guidance of Suradijn, the lord of winds himself.

To achieve his destiny he had to seek out and defeat four demon masters, wielders of terrible, ancient secrets who had walked the earth since the mythic epoch. The first he killed with fire, the second he trapped in a cage and sunk beneath the waves and the third he defeated by hiring mercenary knights and luring it into an ambush. The fourth presented a problem, for the Eyestone had shown that it would slay him. So it was that he learned the secret of cheating death. He fought a sorcerous duel with the demon master and was defeated, but in the process wounded it with moon poison and it was cast into a sleep from which it never awoke.

As he became extremely ancient, Oyishu Han Taig found his body increasingly burdensome. Although he could stop it from perishing, he could not retain his strength and speed and he found his slow, hunched form ill suited to travel. For a while he lived in a tower in the wilderness on the edge of what would later become the Gymondan Empire. However, his continued researches were hampered by lack of contact with other scholars.

Finally, word reached him of a flying palace. His informant did not believe as others did that the place was apocryphal. Oyishu Han Taig devoted himself to finding it and, upon doing so, was able to persuade its keepers to let him live there.

Within the Wraithweb palace he learned an astonishing amount and later, as master of the place, brought together many scholars of the secrets. Then one day a vision was shared with him of a great fire. So it was he learned of the coming of the White Sun Crystals and determined that he would be unwise to stand against their power. In the end he abandoned his mortal body and ascended to a higher level of the stairway, never to return.

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