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The doors opened and a woman entered. Her storm cloak she dropped to the floor and with two motions of her hand the guards on each side stepped away to let her pass. As she strode across the dance floor her oilskin trousers fanned out into a skirt of blue silk and her tunic became a blouse of lace and satin. As though by chance each couple’s dance took them aside from her path a moment before her arrival and a corridor was thereby made to the high table.

The young viceroy looked as the woman approaching and saw her hair unknot itself and fall in waves across her shoulders. One eye looked straight at him with a keen intensity. In the other, he saw the spinning stars of the night sky. His bodyguard stepped back and bowed to her and if she chose it she could slay him with a single blow as she had a hundred before him.

Happy chance, then, that it did not please her to do so. Her black gloved hand held out toward him she said “We will dance!” and she smiled.

It was not a question.


In the later years of the age of exploration many of the great trading nations found themselves with the wealth and time to invest in the study of such hitherto neglected fields as history, philosophy and theology. This process led for the first time to a basic understanding of the relationship between all the various peoples of the long ocean and their cultures.

As a result of this gathering of knowledge, scholars began to think of many of the great powers as falling into two broad categories: those that came into the world from outside it and those which had persisted since the mythic epoch. Due to this classification, a great deal of attention was drawn to a previously obscure divine being of the far North, known there as Catoweya.

Catoweya appears as a human woman and regularly mixes with and speaks to humans without revealing her identity. Indeed, in many respects she lives like a human too, aside from never needing to eat or sleep. This appearance is profoundly deceptive, however. Catoweya is the incarnate form of the star of the same name, created through a feat of Moon puppetry by a sect of image sorcerors. She wields secrets of extraordinary power and is immortal in every sense of the word.

Catoweya is permanently at war with many if not all of the other great powers. Those who know of the ritual which created her speculate that this may have been her purpose, but that seems unlikely given that she fights also with the images. Her aims in doing so are twofold. First, to eliminate or contain those who could act against her. Second, to gather as much power to herself as possible.

Although Catoweya often works alongside mortals and even aids them from time to time, her underlying attide towards mortal races is by no means respectful. Indeed, she frequently employs persuasive secrets to enslave mortals in the pursuit of her various plans. More frequently still she manipulates their destinies with a lighter touch, but the results for her victims are ultimately no better.

All of her various activities serve a terrifyingly complex long term plan which Catoweya calls the “tapestry of the future”. She never reveals its full scope to anyone, but it seems she believes herself taking control of the fundamental machinery underlying the universe, effectively achieving boundless control. Whatever her plan for achieving this it is evidently no simple matter, since when drawn into conversation on the subject she has made clear this goal will take millennia to achieve.

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