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Long before recorded history began there lived a great boar with a serpent head. It was forever hungry and could eat a bull with a single bite. If it smelled any creature nearby it would chase it, felling trees and leaping rivers in its haste. No spear could pierce its hide and no fire could burn it.

One day this beast had devoured all living things within a day’s journey in every direction. Enraged, it began to tunnel into the ground in search of hidden prey to devour. Finding nothing worthwhile it dug deeper and deeper until at last it arrived in a great cavern beneath the ground in which stood a colossal rock shaped like an egg. So intense was its hunger that it swallowed the rock in a single vast bite.

On many occasions before the beast had eaten bones and trees and shells and even weapons, but the rock was another matter entirely. The beast found itself unable to move, unable to digest the rock and unable to disgorge it. So it was that the beast died there and they say the perfect rock rests still within the cage of its mighty ribs as its remains lie deep beneath the ground for eternity.


The earthstones are deep reservoirs of nameless power in the form of smooth, dark rocks. Although earthstones have a variety of appearances and sizes none of them exactly match any kind of mundane rock. They are said to be found naturally only in extraordinarily deep caves, although many have been carried closer to the surface.

Earthstones are essential to the lives of gozmorran, who draw sustenance from them. Although gozmorran can survive for many weeks away from a stone, they prefer not to. The attentions of gozmorran do not deplete the stones, or if they do the drain is so small as to be insignificant even with the passage of centuries.

Earthstones are nearly indestructible, but if one is somehow broken the fragments are extremely sharp and carry enough power in their own right to be potentially useful for a variety of sorcerous or alchemical purposes.

Earthstones radiate tiny amounts of warmth, which can mean small ecosystems form around large earthstones in cave systems where water is found nearby.

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