Dom (bateleur) wrote,

Moon Puppets

“She is almost at the house, make ready!”

“I have Mungquin already at the door and Pikenose to take her coat.”

“The dinner is prepared. The Tall will wait the table, whilst Ellabeth works the kitchen.”

“She is here! Right, I have the coat. She looks a little taken aback, but is proceeding to the dining room.”

“Oh! Lights, I forgot the hall lights. I shall put Ellabeth down for a moment and have Barrel get them. There we are, just in time. OK, he is out of view again I can put him down.”

“Mungquin has shown her to her seat and now is carrying her case to the guest bedroom.”

“The Tall is just entering now with the bread rolls and wine.”

As the strange spindly figure bent to pour her wine, the guest asked rather timidly, “Excuse me, but are there any… people here? In the house, I mean?” Her waiter said nothing, but after a short pause it put down the wine bottle and slowly shook its head.


Of the many strange secrets of the Moon, it is moon puppetry that is the most often practiced and most often encountered by travellers. A moon puppet is any being with no volition of its own, which is controlled by means of strings, spiderwebs or silver chains by a puppetmaster on the Moon.

The nature of a moon puppet is invisible to most onlookers on a moonlit night. When the Moon is full some puppets are stronger and swifter than any human. However, when clouds cover the moon they slow and weaken and during the day they are motionless as though claimed by an impossibly deep sleep.

To make the physical form of a moon puppet is no great feat. Indeed, a puppet made for another purpose by one ignorant of the secret is just as fit for the task. Attaching the strings is very difficult and is a task best left to a master of the secret. Controlling a moon puppet falls somewhere between the two. It requires knowledge of the secret, but the basics are not too difficult to learn.

The strings of a moon puppet cannot be grasped or cut by mortals, but can sometimes be seen by those with image blood. A moon puppet also cannot be slain, since it is not truly alive, but if dismembered it can no longer be controlled and the separated parts can do nothing more than twitch ineffectually.

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